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The Charge of Anti-Semitism

Against Minister Farrakhan

is Anti-Black &

Cloaked in White-Jewish Supremacy

 The definition of Anti-Semitism according to the Anti-Defamation League is: The belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish. It may take the form of religious teachings that proclaim the inferiority of Jews, for instance, or political efforts to isolate, oppress, or otherwise injure them. It may also include prejudiced or stereotyped views about Jews.

Read What Minister Farrakhan said in 1995 speaking directly to the Jewish People.  You can see his message and defense of himself has been consistent.


[Louis Farrakhan]: I want to say this publicly:

I would be unfit as a human being to hate somebody because they are Jewish. I want you to hear me. I would be unfit to be a member of the human family if I hated somebody because their skin color was different from mine.

They call us [The Nation of Islam] a hate group but you can’t point to one thing we have ever done to any member of the Jewish community. You’ll never find any of us painting on your synagogue, we will defend the synagogue.  Any house where God’s name is remembered it is our duty to defend. You will never find us overturning tombstones in a Jewish cemetery. You will never find us attacking members of the Jewish community.

To the members of the Jewish family:

Look how blessed you are. You are a blessed people because God sent you more prophets. According to the Bible, the whole Old Testament represents prophet after prophet after prophet coming to who? Israel. Now, if the prophet comes and brings you revelation; that is putting you in potential leadership in every field of human endeavor.

Other people can be envious, but envy destroys the envier. You still can’t stop Jewish people from the brilliant manifestation of their gifts by being envious and hateful. The record of the Jewish people and their accomplishments is before the world. You can envy them, you can hate them, you can speak evil of them; but you cannot deny, the undeniable, indisputable fact that they are at the head of every field of human endeavor.

If you’re a lawyer, you go into the legal profession, you've got to run in to Jewish people at the top of it: That’s not anti-Semitism, that’s just a fact doctor. Are you a doctor? At the top of that; Jewish people. If you’re in research [or] science, at the top of it; Jewish people. If you’re in the arts; Jewish people. If you’re in business; Jewish people. Wherever you are they are at the top; God made it that way. That’s not hate.

Now, if your wisdom is used in accordance with the moral standard of God and the prophets, then you go up and you take humanity up with you. But every time a prophet comes into the world, he not only opens up the way for man to make an ascent to God, he also opens up the ways of decent to the bottomless pits of hell.
If you couple knowledge with moral correctness then you become an agent of God, but if you take the wisdom and deny the moral standard, then you become an agent of Satan, or Satan himself.

Just as there are Jews who received revelation and held on to the moral standard and ascended in their manifestation of greatness and power; There’s no doubt that there were others who rejected the moral standard but accepted the wisdom and became not the synagogue of the righteous, but partakers and members of the Synagogue of Satan.  I’m not talking about the little Jews, I’m talking about those big ones at the top. They don’t want to meet me face up in an argument. If I tell the truth, they call me a new Hitler for exposing.




[These words are excerpts from a transcription of Louis Farrakhan’s highly popular speech, The Conspiracy of the International Bankers: The Takeover of America. *Arranged by Brother Aaron X]