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Farrakhan warns
Many At Root of Confederacy
As Well As Today


See, brothers and sisters look, there are many people in the country that know this but they don’t have the voice of the poor.  What makes it so dangerous for me to know it and even say it is because I have the voice and the ear of poor people and once you know the truth it’s very difficult for you to go back into your sleep.

Let us get right to our business:

America as we speak is in deep trouble.  She’s burdened with tremendous debt and, as in any family when a husband and wife are burdened with debt, that kind of stress begins to undermine the internal workings of the house.

If that is so as individuals, it is equally so with a nation when a nation has the kind of debt that America has: Nearly $5 trillion [1995] in public debt. With the closing down of factories and they’re moving out of America into third world countries because of the cheap labor market.  More and more Americans out of work, over ten million and steadily growing.

This overwhelming pressure on the society causes social disorganization, the disruption of family, and all of the tensions in the society that could be hidden under good times become manifest when times get tough.

Black people in general suffer more when there’s a downturn in the economic picture of this country. 

And when tensions rise socially in the country, there’s always this need it appears, to suppress and oppress in even greater dimension, the black population.

IN this case, Black men are more vulnerable than any other member of the society.  Because as Black men we have borne the brunt of America’s hatred for Black people.  And there seems to be a great fear of retribution on the part of whites that Black people one day will attempt to pay them back for the evils that their fathers and now even some of the children of those fathers continue to do to Black people.

The social unrest that is already in the country, the seeds of revolution are being feed by social and political conditions that wonder is somebody really trying to destroy this nation and scapegoating Black and poor people for their wicked agenda?

I would like to take a few minutes in a very, I would call it, a fireside chat to deal with these kinds of issues.

The people in Congress who make laws are not from the poor.  Most of your Congress Persons are members of the rich and wealthy class of American people.  Those who genuinely can advocate for the poor are overwhelmed by the business of the rich.  So the poor in America, Black and white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian and otherwise, really do not have strong advocacy.

Listen now, Jesus said Blessed are the poor.  Well, I know He told the truth, but we have to ask ourselves, how is any poor man blessed being poor?

When you wake up in the morning with insufficient food to feed your children, insufficient money to pay the rent, or living under a bridge or in a card board box and you are a veteran who fought for America, how could you feel blessed in that condition?  As I studied that scripture,  I said, "Oh I see", the poor are blessed because Jesus came from the poor to be the advocate of the poor, and that’s what got him in trouble with the rich who were the bloodsuckers of the poor.

Whether you are black or white, Asian or Hispanic, there is a movement to get rid of not thousands, but millions of poor people, not only in America, but throughout the world.

It hurt to read of the civil war.  People in the south didn’t want nobody freeing the slave.  I was not evil when I said that 75% of Jews owned slaves, I didn’t say it, you all wrote it in your history.

Now what, if you owned slaves and they were the bedrock of your wealth, you did not want America free.

Many were at the root of the Confederacy and the Confederate flag yesterday as well as today.

Abraham Lincoln was interfering with something bigger than just peace and war.  Rothschild through his agents in America financed the north and financed the south.  And more lives were lost of poor people who are idealists thinking that they are fighting for these noble principles and all at the same time you’re making the rich richer, but they’re enriched at the price of your blood, and the blood of your children and the blood of your children’s children.

See, brothers and sisters look, there are many people in the country that know this but they don’t have the voice of the poor.  What makes it so dangerous for me to know it and even say it is because I have the voice and the ear of poor people and once you know the truth it’s very difficult for you to go back into your sleep.

So naturally to say these things, it puts the spokesperson in great risk because America has been build on your backs and if anybody comes to remove you, that’s like somebody creating an earthquake.  You see a beautiful building but when the earth under it shakes, the walls comes down, the ceilings come down.

So that’s why you have never been allowed a leader that could stay with you to speak to the masses of Black people.

Every time you had a leader that could speak to the masses of Black people, he was cut down.  And he’s cut down because the country is built on the backs of the poor;  poor whites, poor Blacks, poor Jews.

They say the FBI was set up to catch criminals, well that’s true, but the FBI is a criminal organization.

Oh Farrakhan, how can you say a thing like that in stain-o -Springfield?  This is the best place to say things like this, in stain 0 Springfield.  The FBI has been a criminal organization.  They don’t care nothing about law, they break the law to get at every black leader, or white leader, anybody who can disrupt, destabilize, excite the poor, under the name Communism, under the name of any kind of thing they can think of, they come after you.  Listen good now.

You know the FBI’s history where we are concerned.  Were Mark Clark and Fred Hampton criminals?  They were members of the Panther Party.  Was Marcus Garvey a criminal?  Was Noble Drew Ali a criminal?  Was WEB Du Bois a criminal?  Was Paul Robeson a criminal?  Was Martin Luther King a criminal?

Well dammit, how could you have streets named for Martin Luther King Jr, and you hypocrites line up on the 16th and you take ads out in the paper to celebrate the memory of a man that the FBI bugged his hotel, worked against him night and day.  Tell me I’m lying.  They hated Dr. King.  What is the real truth of his assassination?  They hated Malcolm and they hated Elijah Muhammad.  And they hated the NAACP and the Urban League and they worked night and day to destabilize every black organization, now tell me I’m a liar.

Let’s look a little deeper.

Now as long as our brother, Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to integrate a toilet, or a coffee stand or a hotel or a motel, he was a good ni**er.

[White Folks]:"Oh yes, that Martin Luther King is just a wonderful man.  What is he saying now? That we should come out of Vietnam? Well, he’s meddling.  Ni**ers are not supposed to talk about international affairs.  Stick to the Negro stuff.  Don’t dabble into international affairs and geopolitics."

The FBI went to work [against Dr. King].  The FBI tried to get the Pope not to recognize him.  Tried to get the Nobel Peace Commission not to give him the medal.  They bugged his hotel and sent a tape of what they bugged to his wife.  These are the bastards that say they are for democracy.  These are the illegitimate reptiles of American society.  It’s alright for you to have a King holiday today because there’s no more King.  You don’t even know what the hell Dr. King stood for.  I have a Dream.  When the hell did he have a dream and when did he wake up to reality?  They killed him because he was interfering with the war.  Big business, big money.

He’s dead, Bobby’s dead.  Jack is dead.  Anybody that interferes with their global ambitions.  But I’ll be damned if you’re going to kill me.

By the help of Almighty God, I’m going to be your worst nightmare.  By the help of Almighty God, I have a backer today.  My brothers didn’t make it through, but I’m going to make it if it pleases Allah, and we are going to make it.

[These words are excerpts from a transcription of Louis Farrakhan’s highly popular speech, The Conspiracy of the International Bankers: The Takeover of America. *Arranged by Brother Aaron X]