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Farrakhan: American Plot to Kill Black Boys is Real and unless it changes Allah will do to America what Jehovah did to Egypt

#BLACKtotheFARRAKHANfuture pt.1

The Bible is not a book that I take lightly. I believe it is a book of prophecy and a book of history and I believe that God is showing us in the ancient mind or the mind of ancient rulers what is in the mind of present day rulers.
Pharaoh saw the Children of Israel multiplying and he said quote:
Come let us deal wisely with them lest they multiply and join on into an enemy and come against us.

Pharaoh's plan was to kill all of the male children of the Children of Israel and spare the female.
Now we do not believe that is on the pages of history of the Bible for conjecture; for what was helps us to see what is.

Is it a fact that the population growth of Blacks is outstripping that of Whites? The answer is Yes.

Is it a fact that the birthrate of whites is declining? The answer is yes.

Demographers are saying that if the present birth rate of whites continues its present rate  Whites will be at zero population growth, meaning 1 birth for every death while the converse is true for Black people. Your own demographers say if our birth rate continues, in less than 100 years Blacks will be the majority population in this country.

In a recent Newsweek magazine, I believe it was, there was an article titled the Browning of America. A White racist mind fears that reality. Pharaoh did and he did something about it.  1) The government of the United States is the Modern Pharaoh, 2) We are the modern Children of Israel and 3) America is the modern Egypt.

The plan is working because if you look at the Black male you can see that the aim is at the Black male and the female is being spared to a degree, not much. But I believe that conspiracy is in effect. (1)

Here is America, the most technologically advanced nation in the world, but the sickest. A population full of sick people: overweight people; diseased people; high blood pressure; hypertension; cirrhosis of the liver; heart disease. Not to mention the social diseases: gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, AIDS, and other viruses that are on the horizon that make AIDS look comfortable.

In Japan, somebody got on a subway and released in the air a gas, some kind of vile filled with some kind of biological and chemical warfare; death and destruction.  We have read that they are working on ethnic weapons. What is an ethnic weapon?  You say we are all the same? In some since we are. But how could they, if we are all the same, find a bone and tell you that that is the bone of an Asian or a Black person or a white person and the bone is thousands of years old? If we are all the same then what science are they using to determine who this bone belongs to?

According to some things that I read, they are developing ethnic weapons that can ill effect blacks and whites can be in the room and not be affected, I said now that is interesting. (2)

What is this army that the modern Pharaoh has sent out to kill the children of the former slaves, since we are the fulfillment of the prophetic picture of the Children of Israel? What is Pharaoh’s army? Is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a part of that army? Is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) a part of that army? Are the pharmaceutical companies a part of that army? Is the American Medical Association (AMA) a part of that army? Are the court system and the prison system a part of that army? Is the closing of hospitals in the Black community, is that part of the plan? Is the placement of Black people near hazardous waste sites, is this a part of the armed forces that have been let loose to kill the modern Moses and Aaron and to kill the modern Children of Israel? (3)

Look at the death rates among Black people. Look at the diseases that afflict us. Look at the government policies that promote this destruction in the Black community. Is this an accident or is this on purpose?

I point to the government of the United States own record. The Counter Intelligence Program of J. Edgar Hoover, paid for by taxpayers dollars, the government of the united states purposely, maliciously conspired to deprive us of leadership.  Every time we produced a strong one the government of the United States had that leader destroyed.

Yes, I charge the government of the United States of being the worst enemy of Black people and I say that with no hesitancy and I am anxious for you to make me prove all that I know. Yes, your government is wicked to the core and unless it changes Allah will do to America what Jehovah did to Egypt, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah and all those ancient, wicked governments that you have on the pages of your Bible. (1)

The weight of the police force is still against Blacks and Latinos, so the police are still fulfilling what they were originally organized for. And the police need people on the police force, Black and Hispanic as well as White, who make examples of the Black and the Brown and the poor. So, you fill your jails with them.

In 1957, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was in a debate with J.B. Stoner, the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. It was a debate in written correspondence. Mr. Stoner said that in the future, the Klan will not wear robes. They would be in the various police departments, in the various offices of government. They would be in corporate America, but their idea would be the same as those who had the hoods and hanged and castrated and beat Blacks and burned crosses on their lawns.

And this is what we are seeing today. Thurgood Marshall became a Justice in the Supreme Court, one of our first Black men to serve on the Supreme Court. He was one of the lead attorneys who fought for equality in education. But Thurgood Marshall became disillusioned on the Supreme Court and he said these words, “The KKK used to wear white, but now they wear black.”

What was Thurgood Marshall saying? That in the highest court of the land the mentality of the Supreme Court was the same as the lynchers and murderers of our people since slavery. The same mentality that was on the plantation is now in the highest court of the land and also from the highest political offices and even religious offices. And this is why Paul said, “We war not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.” (3)

The army is behind us, but the Red Sea is in front of us and the Red Sea represents war, revolution and bloodshed that is going on. The only way we can get through that Promised Land which God has promised, is that there must be a parting of the Red Sea that the righteous may go through safely. This is why we are here today and this is why the Bible and the Holy Qur’an suggest a plan of salvation for the righteous. Are you ready to come out? (3)

This space ship , it's not a theory

I teach from the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that above our heads right now is a ship that is a half a mile by a half a mile and it contains within it 1500 little wheel like planes, not from another planet, just from a higher intelligence than your own.  These wheel like planes are now seen over major cities, not only America, but all over the world and it is classified as above top secret.  The government knows everything that I can say about this.  The government knows it better but has been keeping it from the American public.

When I had an editorial board meeting with the Washington Post, they said to me

And what about this wheel business?

When I began to elaborate and elucidate on the wheel and then began to site the names of Presidents and members of Congress that have seen these planes and know that they exist and promised that they would open this up to the American public and they never did.  One of the heads of the Washington Post looked at one of the other editors and said He knows.

On the front page of the Washington Post a few years ago, a Japanese pilot who piloted for 28 years saw this big blip come up on his radar screen and he saw it and wrote of it and drew a picture of what he saw. It made his 747 look like a very minuscule dot.  He said it looked like 2 aircraft carriers and the largest aircraft carrier you have is a quarter of a mile long and two of them would be a half a mile just like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught  us.  This wheel was seen by Ezekiel 595 years before Jesus was born and he talked about that wheel up in the middle of the air. It had eyes around it.

It's there for the destruction of this present world. You can take it or leave it alone.

I know that that is present and if you call me a liar, before you can write it good, one will be over to make you to know I am not a nut, I am not a crackpot:

  I'm a very serious man warning you of the end of your world unless you act better than you are acting right now. (1)

*The #BLACKToTheFARRAKHANfuture compilation of article excerpts
featuring Louis Farrakhan is arranged by Aaron X.
1) FarrakhanInvitesYouToListen/youtube Q&A With Nashville Press" October 26, 1990 
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