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China coming now.  'Oh Lord, a billion of them over there and they got an atomic weapon.'  Oh man, more and more weapons in America.  More and more taxpayers’ money eaten up.  Meanwhile, the roads are corroding, the bridges are falling down, the schools are not getting adequate care.  I mean, look at your country, look at yourselves.

Well, Communism moving in Asia.  'Oh my God, they’re taking over Southeast Asia you guys.'  The French got whipped in Vietnam at Dien Bien Phu, just a few got out alive.  Now America says, 'lets get in there, lets get in there!'

Jack Kennedy is in office.  Jack Kennedy wants to come out of Vietnam.  Jack Kennedy talking about printing money.  Jack Kennedy DEAD.  If he comes out of Vietnam, the bankers don’t get the money.

'Come on boys, Uncle Same Wants You.'  'Come on boys, Communism is taking over the world boys.'  And the same bankers financed it.  Keep it going, but now you got to die: poor whites, poor Blacks, poor Jews, poor Gentiles, poor Native Americans.  Come on to Korea. Come on to Vietnam.

Oh, they’ll give you a purple heart.  They’ll even drape a flag over your dead body and tell you how it's a grateful nation.  And all the time, you died for nothing:

You died to enrich the wickedly wise blood suckers of the poor.

This is why they fear truth.  I mean, it makes you angry don’t it?  Think about your uncles, think about your fathers, think about cousins, think about your people, white and black, who died thinking they were fighting for democracy.

Look, look, look: That ain’t the half of it.  Lyndon Johnson tricked the American people into the war in Vietnam on another lie on what is called the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.  We were in the war, Jack Kennedy trying to get us out, they ain’t going to have that: HE'S POPPED.

Now LBJ is his Vice-President. 'Well, he’s cool because he’s our man because he’s going to increase and widen the war.'  Look at the thing!  So he steps in and it ain’t no accident.  He steps in and the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which is a trick:

'Wesley West Moreland, we can’t let him down.'  500,000 American troops sent to Vietnam.  Do you know how much money it takes to send 500,000 troops 9,000 miles away?  Do you know how much ordinance, weapons, ammunition has to be there?  How much business is cranked up just at the thought of supporting 500,000 of our fighting men?  How many factories waxed rich developing airplanes and tanks to fight in Vietnam?  And do you know that when the Viet Cong came down on Saigon they left billions of dollars in equipment and gold and money behind running for their lives?

And some of our family came back dope addicts  because they were never trained to fight people like the Viet Cong.  People live underground:  Just crawl into a hole and got little work, almost like little towns, under the ground.  You bombing them and bombing them and bombing them and you swear they got to be dead and they crawl up out the ground and tear your backside up.  They booby trapped.  I mean, you can’t imagine the hell and the horror that your children went through in Vietnam.

And because the American public getting more and more enlightened [they] stood against the war. And here comes our brother, Martin Luther King Jr.  Now as long as our brother, Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to integrate a toilet, or a coffee stand or a hotel or a motel: he was "a good ni*ger."

'Oh yes, that Martin Luther King is just a wonderful man.  What is he saying now? That we should come out of Vietnam?  Well, he’s meddling.  Ni*gers are not supposed to talk about international affairs.  Stick to the Negro stuff.  Don’t dabble into international affairs and geopolitics.'

The FBI went to work.  The FBI tried to get the Pope not to recognize him.  Tried to get the Nobel Peace Commission not to give him the medal.  They bugged his hotel and sent a tape of what they bugged to his wife.  These are the bastards that say they are for democracy.  These are the illegitimate reptiles of American society.

It’s alright for you to have a King holiday today because there’s no more King.  You don’t even know what the hell Dr. King stood for.  'I have a Dream.'  When the hell did he have a dream and when did he wake up to reality?  They killed him because he was interfering with the war.  Big business, big money.

He’s dead, Bobby’s dead.  Jack is dead:  Anybody that interfere with their global ambitions.  But I’ll be damned if you’re going to kill me!!!  By the help of Almighty God, I’m going to be your worst nightmare.  By the help of Almighty God, I have a backer today.  My brothers didn’t make it through, but I'M going to make it, if it pleases Allah, and WE are going to make it.

And now, Martin is gone, Malcolm is gone.  These wicked people manipulated the circumstances inside the nation.  They manipulated envy and jealously inside the Nation against Malcolm X. They manipulated us.  So when Malcolm split from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we in the Nation who loved Elijah Muhammad and loved Malcolm had to choose.  I was one of those who was taught and reared by Malcolm like a father.  I was his student.  I adored him, but not more than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  I adorned him because he was the greatest representative of the man I loved.  So when he split from the man I love, I was put in the position that children are put in when parents divorce.

You don’t understand the pain of your children.  You don’t know what it means to have children see the people who brought them into existence destroying each other.  You don’t know what that means for a child to be in the custody of a mother that is constantly berating and talking down the father, and when the father has visitation rights, the father is talking down the mother, the child is confused.  They manipulated us.  I fought for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  That means that I fought against Malcolm, my brother my teacher.  I don’t regret standing up for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but I regret that we were used to create the atmosphere that allowed Malcolm to be killed and Elijah Muhammad and the Nation get the blame.  Well, where the hell is the government in all this?

This didn’t happen in a vacuum.  Go read the files of the U.S. Government.  Go read what the FBI did.  Malcolm wanted protection after his house was firebombed.

How come he went to the Audubon Ballroom and there were no uniformed policemen nowhere in sight?

How come a man who had always searched the people, on that day decided he wasn’t going to search?

How come two men were arrested at the scene and only one stood trial and there never was a mention of who that second man was?

How come two other men went to prison for 26 years of their lives for a crime that they had nothing to do with and the very man that was involved exonerated them?

Counselor had the names of all that were involved and went to the government to reopen the case and the government refused to reopen the case.  This is the same government, FBI, that paid an informant $45,000 to entrap Malcolm’s daughter, a young Jew.  Who said, 'He’s an enemy of the Jews and he’s an enemy of your father.' Working on that child being paid money.  But that’s only the tip of the iceberg:  They wanted to recreate the same atmosphere again to put Nationalist against Muslims and Orthodox Muslims against followers of the Elijah Muhammad.  There’s already money out there to do the job by that same government.

This Partial Transcript was compiled and edited by Aaron X.

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