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Walking in His Footsteps:

How Louis Farrakhan

Represents Jesus the Christ

"We cannot be a true disciple of Christ and be loved by the world. Most of us want to be loved by the world, the governor, mayor or president. I want to be loved by God and His Christ."  -Minister Louis Farrakhan

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

We are living at a time that was described by Jesus in these words: “If those days were not shortened for his elect sake, no flesh would be saved.”

Jesus prophesied of famine, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places—but he said this is only the beginning of sorrow. I wish I could tell you today that there are good times ahead, but there are no more good times for the United States of America.

If I do not warn you, then your blood will be required of me, so you will never be able to say that I did not tell you what you needed to know to come up out of your lethargy and foolishness. The time is over for hypocrisy, approaching Jesus with our lips, while our hearts are far removed from him. Churches and mosques have become playgrounds for religion, where we give lip service to righteousness, but practice evil because Satan is making evil fair-seeming to us. Everything that Allah (God) says in the scripture, “Thou shalt not do,” America is guiding people to do.

Righteousness is scorned in today’s society. It is difficult for pastors to preach righteousness on Sunday and have other weekly spiritual meetings, but then send our people home to turn on their televisions where filth and degeneracy is shown from morning until night. We listen to the radio because we love good music, but what are we rapping and singing about—a man singing his way into a woman’s clothes; a woman taking off her clothes to excite a man with the beauty of her body.

Is this God’s world to excite a man with the beauty of a woman’s body? I hate this world and I am with Allah (God) to destroy this world.

Ministers do not want to condemn what Jesus condemned or correct people when they are going wrong. They do not want to hurt peoples’ feelings because that may hinder what the people place in the collection plate.  But if ministers hurt God’s feelings by not warning the people of their errant behaviors, then the people will die in their sin, but God will require the blood of the people at the hands of those who preach.

We should not play with religion or Jesus Christ. We should not think that when Jesus Christ returns, that he is coming back to play with us. I wonder how many of us believe in His Return and how many of us will be ready when He Returns.

The Bible says that in His Second Coming, He will have a sword dripping with blood in His hand. He is not coming back to teach. He is coming back to kill the enemies of His teaching and set up a new government.

This country talks about so-called democracy, but who are we trying to vote for, as though voting is going to change the reality of the wickedness of American life. We should vote for Christ and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, because in His Kingdom there will be peace, joy, freedom, justice and equality.

I want to see the Kingdom of God established on earth, like the Lord’s Prayer recites, “Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth.” What is the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is a government, wherein the people live under the rules and laws of God.

We cannot be a true disciple of Christ and be loved by the world. Most of us want to be loved by the world, the governor, mayor or president. I want to be loved by God and His Christ.

We must decide today who we are going to follow, and not pay attention to the sound bites manipulated by the media, because a good man can be made to look bad with a 30-second sound bite.

Are we followers of the son of perdition or are we followers of the Son of Man? Are we going to follow someone who makes evil fair-seeming so we can get drunk and feel good about ourselves? White people never wanted to share with us the real Gospel of Jesus, because that Gospel has power to heal us, raise us up from where we are, and give us power over our weaknesses. That true Gospel has that kind of power.

If we are going to be true disciples, then, as Jesus said, “you are going to be hated of all men for my name sake.” If you are not hated by the world for his name’s sake, we need to examine ourselves, because then we have been co-opted by the world. Like Jesus warned his disciples, some of us will be put in prison, beaten and killed for his name’s sake.

I know that they hate me and I know that one day soon they will come after me. I know that they are planning my death. I know that there are enemies around me and that everyone around me is not my friend. Everyone that was around Jesus was not his friend. But like the church hymn says, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” My Friend sees what I do not see and knows the hypocrites hiding like snakes. My Friend knows the one that is going to deny me in that hour, like they denied Jesus in his hour. My Friends—God and His Christ—know the heart of Their servant.

I have never been more ready than I am now to go where destiny leads me. There is a cross waiting for me because I dare to speak truth to power, but I love the fact that I am on my way to my Calvary. But you have a cross, too. I am on my way to my Gogatha, but you have one, too. I am not running from my cross; I am running to the cross because unless I go, my Father will not be glorified. I want to prove to all of you that the God we serve is real and that there is no weapon formed against the righteous that will prosper.

When they nailed Jesus to the cross, they mocked him, saying, “Here is the king of the Jews.” The rulers of this world see Farrakhan as the voice of Black people in America and throughout the world. Whether they have a crown for me, it does not make any difference, because Allah (God) has one for me. The rulers of this world know who I am. In the hour of his crucifixion, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them.” The disciples ran away, and Peter denied knowing him. Only John and a few Sisters were at the cross with the mother of Jesus. A good woman will go the last mile with a good man, but sometimes Brothers are only with you in fair weather, because when the weather gets foul, they begin thinking about what they are going to suffer.

In his hour of crucifixion, Jesus said, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani.” And the Jews standing nearby said, “Behold, he calls for Elijah. Let us see will Elijah take him down.” I know that my Redeemer liveth. Because He lives, I, too, shall live and stand with Him at the latter days. I want us all to stand and be strong in the Lord because the victory is ours.

Excerpts from “The Beginning of Sorrows” delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan at Life Center Church in Chicago, IL.  Click here for the complete article.  Order at