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The U.S. Government's Plots & Plans

to Stop the Rise of Black America

Crucifixion in the Modern Roman Empire—America—is just like the crucifixions of Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome is gone; Modern Rome is going.

In Modern Rome, the Counter Intelligence Program of the United States government, under J. Edgar Hoover, has always feared that somebody would rise from among us and unify Black people, and should they go to war with a foreign government, we might join on to that foreign government, and come against them. This also happened in the time of Jesus, the prophet, and Herod, the king, who wanted to kill all boy babies to prevent the Messiah from coming into the world. So today, there is a plot against the Black male. It’s real, brothers and sisters.

Any one of us that shows our head as a potential leader, the eyes of our enemies are on that one, because if you show that you could be a Messianic Voice, then they will move to silence you! Let’s examine J. Edgar Hoover’s plan: 1) Hoover’s Counter Intelligence Program was to prevent the coalition of Black Nationalist groups. They invested money into keeping nationalist groups separated from each other. And even plotted to get us to kill one another; 2) The aim was to prevent the rise of a Messiah who could unify and electrify the militant Black Nationalist Movement; 3) And to prevent violence on the part of Black Nationalist groups. Not violence among each other, but violence against them; 4) Their aim was to prevent militant Black Nationalist groups and leaders from gaining respectability by discrediting them with segments of the community; and 5) Prevent the long-range growth of these organizations, especially among young people!

Among the tactics they used were infiltration of Black organizations by agents and informers of the U.S. government to discredit and disrupt; use of dirty tricks, including the planting of false media stories, bogus leaflets, fake publications; forging correspondence, sending anonymous letters, and making anonymous phone calls; manipulating, or, strong-arming parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for the activists; and, they used law to justify conducting break-ins, vandalism, assaults and beatings. The object was to frighten dissidents, and disrupt their movement.

The method of crucifixion

In a crucifixion, they nail your hands. They nail your feet. They strip you of your followers by propaganda. They break your legs, so that after you are dead, there is no support for your ideas.

It’s not the man as much as it is the ideas of that man. So they must not only kill the man—they have to kill his idea, so that a generation won’t come up after him, fueled by his ideas!

--Minister Louis Farrakhan